5 Best Games from a Galaxy Far, Far Away


The universe of Star Wars has always been diverse. Almost each new major movie adds another dimension to this world, making it morally, politically, militarily, and mystically tense. This was the ground for a large variety of SW-based ga...


Rivals on the Storm: Microsoft and Sony collaborating on Cloud Gaming


One of the most amusing news last week concerns the already announced alliance between Microsoft and Sony. These two giants have been collaborating or competing in lots of branches, but this time they announce a collaborative project in...


The Most Awaited Games of 2019


2018 may have been an extraordinary year for gaming, however, 2019 is getting down to business to offer players some energizing releases too. All the more significantly, gamers shouldn't need to hold up too long to eve...


Old School RuneScape Named EE Game of The Year at BAFTA Game Awards


Thursday 4th April 2019, the best game worlds witnessed Old School Runescape taking home the trophy for the freshest inaugural listing: EE Mobile Game of The Year Award. The new honor   acknowledges the game that...