Meet 23 New Pokemon in Pokemon Go


On January 23, 2018, Pokemon Go announced 23 additional Pokemon via its Twitter handle. These new Pokemon were first seen in Pokemon Ruby. Though Pokemon Go did not announce the names of the new Pokemon, it provided promotional artwork that showed...


Selected regions get critically-acclaimed Monument Valley for free


Ever since the mobile device was invented, we looked for entertainment in some way or the other. Whether it was listening to music or playing the simplistic “Snake”, mobile devices have come a long way in terms of en...


South Park Phone Destroyer - Is It Pay-To-Win?


Ubisoft and South Park Studios have recently launched a new mobile card game called South Park Phone Destroyer and it is making headlines around the online community. The free-to-play game brings together the clever humor of the franchise along wi...


Clash Royale: Everything We Know About Its Biggest Ever Update


For a few years now, Clash Royale has been one of the most played games online following up from its close cousin Clash of Clans. Now, the exciting PvP brawler game is getting an update that will not only draw in thousands of new fans, but get the...