Telltale Reveals The Next Episode of Minecraft


The next episode of Minecraft: Story Mode now has a release date. The second episode, named Giant Consequences, is set to land on the stores on August 15th. It features Jesse and the rest of the crew heading to some icy wastes where, as you can pr...


5 Best Games from a Galaxy Far, Far Away


The universe of Star Wars has always been diverse. Almost each new major movie adds another dimension to this world, making it morally, politically, militarily, and mystically tense. This was the ground for a large variety of SW-based games to gro...


Best Nintendo Switch games from E3 2019


Gaming world is sort of luckier than mobile; while the latter is split in two rivaling sides, the former has a “third power” named Nintendo. Its Switch has always been home for lots of exclusives, and even mainstream games ha...


Top 5 New Games This July


July is hot with new games this year, and its middle is especially stuffed with various titles. Diversity rules everywhere, from platforms these games hit to genres and aesthetics. Summer is the season to stay outside, but here are at least five r...