Top 10 Minecraft Puzzle Maps


Minecraft is a game that requires nothing but the full power of your imagination. You can literally do whatever you want. Build, survive, hunt dragons, ride the rainbow, create time machines, or recreate exciting Marvel heroes battles. In Minecraft's world, everything is possible.

They say that limitless possibilities generate a limitless desire to explore and create. We believe that it directly relates to the Minecraft map creators. This article includes a list of top 10 best Minecraft puzzle maps to try. Each of them has different tricks and snags to blow your mind.

Best Minecraft Mind-breaking Puzzle Maps

The maps are listed in a free order, which means we didn’t score them in any way. The selection of maps suits Minecraft PC versions, so don't try to download them if you play a PE version.

1. The Shadowmaker

The Shadowmaker is a fascinating puzzle map consisting of seventeen levels. Each level is the passage where you have to become the master of light and shadow.

Here you will find seventeen levels of a natural brainteaser puzzle that requires your full attention and focusing. To complete them, you need to become a master of light and shadows. But this will not be enough. Your main salvation will be the mind and logical thinking. You will need to try to unravel the philosophy of the map. Boost up your thinking and logic and try to survive the Shadowmaker map.

2. The Useless Button

The Useless Button map is an adventure map with parkour and puzzles to blow your mind! You can try to pass this map both on your own and with friends, and show them what you are capable of. In order to start, you only need to click on the red button.

3. The Prismarine Lab

The Prismarine Lab

The Prismarine Lab is a two-player co-op map. The Prismarine Lab is a series of 30 levels of underwater gameplay. The lab itself promises to give you a treasure beyond your wildest dreams, but only if you have the skills to find it. The map provides a supply of challenges, including puzzles, parkour, mazes, and halls lined with traps and skill testers designed to kill you before you reach your goal.

4. Confusing Cubes

The Confusing Cubes map will test your knowledge, mind, logic, and common sense in different tangled locations. The purpose of the map is to go through all fifteen levels and survive. The difficulty will constantly increase, and it will take a considerable amount of time to complete at least one level.

5. The Hypercube

The Hypercube is a 20-minute challenge combining puzzles and parkour. Playing this map, you have to explore the world that exists in four dimensions. The uniqueness of the map lies in the fact that you can switch over different dimensions, and thereby complete the levels and experience different actions and adventures. We're sure that you're gonna love it!

6. The Tiny Box

The Tiny Box map is a literally tiny box of adventures and different interesting activities. Although it is small, it is fraught with many exciting secrets. Solve quests, complete tasks, and use your mind, so the tiny box wouldn't trick you.

7. Lazer Together

Lazer Together

Lazer Together is a puzzle with twenty stages of unique gameplay levels. You are required to find hidden pixel art and defeat the final boss. An unusual logical test for two players, in which you have to use seven different types of lasers to go through more than twenty levels will take from 1 to 1.5 hours to complete.

In the process of completing the game, both you and your partner will have to use seven varieties of lasers to go through the levels, and at the end of Lazer Together you will get to the final battle with the boss. Minecraft Lazer Together map is designed for the game 1.12.2 version.

8. The Ice Lab

The Ice Lab is a puzzle map designed for two players. According to its plot, you made your way to the laboratory of the ice professor and want to get the treasures hidden in it. However, be careful! The professor took care of the security of the treasure. You have to use your brain and all of your quickwittedness to survive this map.

9. P - 13

According to popular beliefs, number 13 is considered as ominous one, and has been called the "baker's dozen." In the Middle Ages, there was also a legend about 13 "characters." It says that 12 witches and Satan took part in witchcraft Sabbaths. So, if you're not afraid of the number 13, you should definitely try the P - 13 puzzle map. In fact, it doesn't have anything in common with witchcraft or any other wicked stuff, but it has 13 rooms and 13 quests to solve. This brainteaser isn't as simple as it seems at first, so don't let it trick you.

10. Escape Prison

Escape Prison offers you to escape from a maximum-security prison, where you can test your fortune or just strain your brain and try to get out. To do this, you will not only have to deal with the guards but also solve a number of puzzles. The map provides the possibility to play with one or several friends. Some may take the role of prisoners, while others may be security guards. In prison, you will find many strange places, perhaps because it was abandoned many years ago, so you should be ready to meet different creatures too.

Play and create or create and play?

Minecraft is one of the most successful games in gaming history. The original sandbox was released back in 2009, and since then it's popularity grows rapidly every day. People all around the world quickly called the game a 'phenomena.' But why? Minecraft's main purpose is to create. And when you can create probably anything you want, of course, you'll spend hours designing and building stuff you want. 

The demand causes the supply, so when original Minecraft sources weren't enough for the players, they started to create their own. That's why now we have a huge choice of maps, equipment, mods, and other extra Minecraft things. In fact, the game lets you create not only by playing it, but you can also create to play.

Anyway, we'd like to hear from you! Did you ever create anything to boost up the Minecraft's gameplay? Maybe there are maps from the list you've already tried? Let us know! Share your experience and thoughts in the comments section below!