PUBG is Updating Its Main Map


The original map of PUBG has been around since the very beginning, and for such a dynamic industry it seems a long time. So this map we know as Erangel is getting redesigned. So far it looks the way it did before; but the designers already got it under control.

While regular players don’t notice a thing yet, the PUBG test server already shows the first signs of what’s to come. The map features new compounds now, and it seems the first of innovations to be introduced. These changes will hardly affect the gameplay strongly, but devoted fans will appreciate this. After it’s tested and approved, of course.

It’s official since PUBG team confirmed this update on March 6th, and the updates will roll out gradually. Testers will encounter them first and then rate; it means that they can see something that will never be released. So it’s too early to speak about what exactly to expect; but leaks must start along with tests.