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The description of Township

Let us guess you’ve never played Township but already tired of it. Why? Because this is the in-ad-game that comes out from every app that uses internet connection. You have probably seen it already a thousand times, but how about give it a try and explore why it’s advertised so much?


So like we’ve said before, Township is a familiar game to you. Although, once you finally got it, you’ll be surprised.

The game is all about building and farming. You build, you get products, you sell them and get money. Everything seems clear.

When you start playing, you have enough currency and space for a kick-off. Create a fabulous town by building houses and businesses. Start farm or set up production lines to fund your future expansion. The positive fact is that the game doesn’t really require real money to invest, you gain progress by simply playing it. In fact, Township provides you with possibilities to do loads using just the in-game currencies and rarely punishes you for not spending.

As you level up more buildings become available. The expansion is necessary to fit it all in and is easy enough. Just get the coins, gain the required population number then start work on clearing out forest areas.

Most of your production comes from crops which you plant. As well as new buildings, you also gain new crop patches to increase the size of your field when you level up. Crops are needed to feed animals who in turn produce milk, eggs etc.

Like all free-to-play games waiting for your crops to grow, your buildings to be built and your product to be available take time. That‘s not a real problem. The time takes from 5 mins up to 6 hours.


The graphics are amazing. The game is bright colored and eye-pleasant. Everything looks soft-edged and it tempts you to tap on. While Township has only 172MB of weight, the graphics look good and detailed in every pixel. The game offers you dozens of content to use and no crashes were spotted.


When it comes to controls, Township offers you a tutorial to start. The game uses simple GIFs to show you how the controls work.

The game controls are also easy to get with. Most Township's game mechanics are performed through a series of taps and swipes. For example to build you just have to tap on the empty area and then you’ll see available tools to use. When you are ready to feed your chickens to create eggs just tap on the feedbag and slide your finger across the row of chickens to feed them. When the eggs are ready, just tap or swipe across the eggs to collect them. This set of actions works almost everywhere in the game.

All activities are collected on a map of your town. Along the top of the map, you will discover your gaming statistics and access to the game's settings. Stats include gold count (that can be earned through achievements and selling goods), Town dollars, experience, and population levels.



To sum up, we can say Township isn’t for everyone. But if you like such games it’s very well done and worth your attention. There are more reasons to try it than not to. First of all, it’s free, easy to play, well-designed, and has extremely addictive visuals. It also runs very well on the phone. The only reason not to play Township, in fact, is that the same activities might make you bored.

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James Andersen

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4 / 5
Latest Version: 4.6.1
Publish Date: 2017-03-09 0:00:00
Size: 177 MB

Township history

Version: 1.0.6 for Android 4.1+ - Latest Version!
Update on: 2017-07-07
Signature: 86fa82b0acf072ce08b8f875aa173f4f998f667d
APK File SHA1: 237b104f3ab81f382557a0ead2590d72a3923187
Version: 1.0.5 for Android 4.1+
Update on: 2017-06-27
Signature: 86fa82b0acf072ce08b8f875aa173f4f998f667d
APK File SHA1: 8e051dc54287ee7fc97e97b6dde4fba33cbc6587
Version: 1.0.4 for Android 4.1+
Update on: 2017-06-19
Signature: 86fa82b0acf072ce08b8f875aa173f4f998f667d
APK File SHA1: e91b93473f193d79036817ce20167ea5480cd8d8
Version: 1.0.3 for Android 4.1+
Update on: 2017-06-17
Signature: 86fa82b0acf072ce08b8f875aa173f4f998f667d
APK File SHA1: 49ac6482047b447059efd279479ffbf92a75baac
Version: 1.0.1 for Android 4.1+
Update on: 2017-06-16
Signature: 86fa82b0acf072ce08b8f875aa173f4f998f667d
APK File SHA1: 9af07a0cd8d3db23904d53e9c140e67f047176a4

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