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Charm King | Interesting but Easily Forgettable

Lately, it seems like the various app stores (iTunes and Google Play) are suffering from an over-abundance of match-3 titles. There are lots of disappointing games in this genre, and even more that do little to stand out. Charm King repeats the script: match three or more similar pieces, and you’ll unlock new levels, puzzles, and boosters.


Charm King is typical match three, so it’s all about (you guessed it) making matches, only this time not of candy or jewels, but such items as leaves, clouds, and mushrooms. It’s not innovative, but it definitely keeps things different. The game is divided into multiple levels, and there are pre-set tasks which you have to complete to progress beyond the current level, which play out as tales. For example, a level may require you to collect 15 leaves and 10 mushrooms within an allowed number of moves. If you make matches these count towards your final tally, and four or more matches create enchanted pieces which add to your tally.

Some of the levels are easy, but some grow increasingly impossible to complete given the allotted moves. You can choose to progress at a significantly low pace and risk failure almost as a guarantee, or pay real money.


The visuals are charming, with lots of color and bubble. The animations and graphics are drawn quite well, while the colors are vivid and vibrant. The highlight of the game is the tales which unravel as you solve puzzles, and there’s lots of added detail which make this game very pleasant to look at. There are different cartoon characters which spring up at various occasions, and the soundtrack is all about jolly good fun.


The controls are optimized for touchscreen devices, with tapping and swiping to match elements. There are text inputs and on-screen icons, and an active hint system which flashes. Most of the screen is dedicated to the game board, although you can check your stats, inventory or pull up menus right from the fringes of your screen. The entire system is designed quite intuitively and it’s a much more interactive experience than what you might be used to.



Charm King is a great game by all standards match-three. It is an easy game to get into and you won’t feel like you have to relearn any processes if you’ve played similar games in this genre. There’s nothing revolutionary about it, and there’s some sense of deja vu as you swipe to match. Still, it is a well-designed game, plays well and has a certain charm about it that will keep you coming back.

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Francesca Nicasio

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Charm King

5 / 5
Latest Version: 2.34.0
Publish Date: 2017-03-01 0:00:00
Size: 128 MB

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Version: 1.0.7 for Android 2.3.2+ - Latest Version!
Update on: 2016-10-27
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Version: 1.1 for Android 2.3.2+
Update on: 2015-05-11
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APK File SHA1: e6ead77421a44410674d32475e38c45ed85d004d

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