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Dragons: Rise of Berk | Unimaginable Power is In Your Hands

Very few movies have crossed the bridge from the big-screen to mobile successfully and with positive critique. Dragons: Rise of Berk is one of those rare gems, making a cross from the How to Train Your Dragon movie to iOS and Android as a strategy, resource collection, and building game.


In Rise of Berk, you teach Hiccup, the protagonist, how to train dragons in Berk. Vikings and dragons have to live together peacefully; therefore you have to collect resources such as wood, iron, and fish and grow your village. As you start the game, you only have one dragon (Toothless) who you train to find resources in the tutorial. Toothless is also the only dragon type which can collect other dragon eggs. As you progress and level up with Toothless, you can unlock more powerful dragons. By the way, each dragon type has its specialization, i.e., either fishing, collecting wood or iron.

You can keep your dragons in the hangar to make room for new dragons, or you can exchange old or unwanted ones for fish. Runes are a form of in-game currency which you can get by accomplishing certain tasks, or (you guessed it) making a real payment.


Visually, Rise of Berk is exceptional, with its rich character variety, expansive environments, and vibrant color and texture depth. The dragon varieties draw from the movie and are nicely done, and so are the plenty of characters. For a mobile strategy and building game, Rise of Berk is visually stunning. Locations from the film and NPCs are done tastefully, and the maps are always expansive and well covered.


You can collect resources simply by tapping on specific icons and menu buttons. The design is done tastefully, and you won’t find yourself being confined for space or battling with the controls. You can pull up your inventory and check out various resources and dragon types that you possess. On-screen prompts will guide you on what to do, and the opening tutorial does an excellent job of showing you the ropes. You can’t actually control your dragons, but you can influence their actions.



Rise of Berk is a great adaptation of the movie, and as a mobile game, it fairs excellently. The visual design is impeccable, and it retains the authenticity of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. However, once you get past the first 30 levels or so, leveling up your dragons becomes almost impossible without exhausting your resources or spending real money on purchasing runes. This is the main setback to an otherwise brilliant game.

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Francesca Nicasio

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Dragons: Rise Of Berk

4 / 5
Latest Version: 1.25.11
Publish Date: 2017-02-08 0:00:00
Size: 180 MB

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