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8 Ball Pool | Almost Perfect Mobile Billiards Game

With lots of positive reviews and complaints mostly about an ever-looming paywall, 8 Ball Pool is a billiards game for iOS and Android with the potential to outdo itself. It has quirky graphics, believable mechanics (almost!), and a variety of competitive game modes and playing options that will leave you coming back for more.


8 Ball Pool has two players (either 1-vs-1 or human vs. AI) battle it out. You can also enter tournaments and win Pool Coins to enter higher ranked matches. The beauty about this game is its ranking system which always provides an incentive to play. Thus, you can play for higher stakes. The game physics seem much like what you’d play on an actual pool table although at some point it does seem like opponents pull seemingly impossible moves and you lose winning or perfect shots especially when there are high stakes involved. Some may call it mastery while others think it’s cheating (game devs pay attention).

The game would be much better if it had several pool variants such as 9 Ball and one-pocket. At advanced stages, however, you can go to exclusive locations and play against only the best players.


The graphics are superb, to say the least, with its rustic Vegas casino feel. It’s one area where the design stands out. There are customizable tables, different color schemes, and the billiard balls look quite realistic. The leaderboards and menus are also well-designed, although more could have been done to give it all a more realistic feel. Everything is intuitive as you interact with the game.


Speaking of intuitive, the controls on 8 Ball Pool also quickly become second nature, and you soon get a feel of how to aim, increase power or shoot. There have been multiple complaints about the game’s physics and how some shots are misplaced, but so far different gamers have different opinions on this. You can cue up your balls by swiping with your finger in the desired direction, and pulling back to shoot while checking the power meter.



Miniclip’s take on billiards is a great way for casual pool gamers, even those who are new to the rules, to dive right into the game. This is uncomplicated, and no-frills take on the game, and is something that you can pass off a few free minutes at lunchtime or in the grocery store queue. It does seem like the game almost puts you into impossible situations or matches you against higher level players to force purchases. That’s the Achilles’ heel for an otherwise excellent game.

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8 Ball Pool

5 / 5
Latest Version: 3.12.0
Publish Date: 2013-02-27 00:00:00
Size: 118 MB

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