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The description of Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a mobile strategy game which combines the ideas of a) Managing, developing and protecting your own settlement b) Get engaged in the PvP battles with real opponents online. The game is flamboyant visually, entertaining and humorous, but also not that easy to succeed at.


Picture this: there's a little 2D village, populated with 2D isometric barbarians, whose wild blood boils with a thirst for glory, conquest and also roast pork. You are the leader of this tiny, yet ambitious village. And your ultimate goal is to develop this humble hamlet into a massive, buff and unstoppable barbaric kingdom.

To achieve this you need to:

  • Acquire resources. Gold pays for everything. And the Elixir collector gathers an additional resource type from either: It's called Elixir and allows to upgrade the Structures and Troops. Its "evil twin" Dark Elixir, obtained from drilling like oil, takes the hero upgrade to another level.
  • Do upgrading. It is crucial to have all the warrior-types and heroes unlocked.
  • Find allies. Once you've seized control of a Clan Castle, you can form a clan with your friends and challenge other alliances online.

Recruit troops: barbarians, archers, giants, lava hounds, battle blimps, ice golems etc. Summon the heroes: Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Warden, Battle Machine (a gnome riding a robot made of a barrel). And don't forget about fortifications: brick barriers, roadblocks, bunkers, and fortresses strengthened with cannons. You'll need those in case of a surprise attack/raid.

And once your army becomes a tightly clenched fist and your friends have joined you under the same battle banners - make your clan's name known in the CoC world! Finding hostile clans to challenge is easy: there are 500 million players worldwide in the Clash of Clans.


The game has the top-down view and 2D, isometric graphics, thus allowing you to monitor and manage your base in a classic strategy genre fashion. The hero/troops models are designed in a comedic manner with grotesque muscles or heads almost as large as their bodies. And their facial expressions clearly indicate their readiness to throw themselves into a big, never-ending brawl.

The clan base consists of cutely drawn and animated buildings/units and you can also add to it the flag of the country you're from.


Clash of Clans is easy to control. Every in-game process - from upgrading and maintaining your base to partaking in hot PvP battles is literally done through tapping, swiping and occasional display pressing. the desktop version isn't any harder: mouse cursor is basically all you need to lead you Clan to Victory.



Clash of Clans is a marvelous online mobile and desktop strategy. It is free to play, but quicker progress, which at times is necessary to survive, requires some money pouring into the game. Those, who don't want to spend much, can make their way through: 1. Regular, disciplined playing. 2. Patient resource grinding. 3. Clever alliance forging. After all, it is a strategy game and even the players with the fattest wallets do not get insurance from being defeated. Write your name in the history of Clash of Clans!

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Francesca Nicasio

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Clash Of Clans

5 / 5
Latest Version: 9.256.19
Publish Date: 2012-08-02 00:00:00
Size: 118 MB

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