10 Reasons Why Battle Royale Is Done

James Andersen


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Doubtlessly, Battle Royale genre has been a roaring success for the past 2 years. PUBG and Fortnite revolutionized the gaming industry. And every second game studio tried to milk the new cash cow: we've seen Battle Royale invading various franchises from Minecraft to Star Wars. However, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will not include the battle royale element. Does it mean the genre is nearing its end?

10. Flavorless Gameplay

A massive deathmatch is always a good thing. Only a spine massage can compete with it in terms of stress-relief. However, Battle Royale gameplay is also the weakest side of the genre. The problem is that it's too repetitive, too predictable and too limited.

It's the old same thing over and over: Parachute → Hastily collect weaponry in panic → Massacre everyone/Stay alive for as long as you can. There's a repertoire of tactics and strategies you can come up with to fool the enemy. But since you get to fight on just a few massive arenas, you can devise less and less new tricks each time.

As a result, you're trapped in some sort of limbo: same surroundings, same maneuvers and the same grind for victory. It takes to be devilishly creative to freshen up that gameplay model.  

9. No Offline

PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and their less-known analogues offer no offline gaming. Of course, it feels great to be a part of the multi-million crowd. There's always someone to brutally slaughter play with, you can make new friends or forge an ambitious clan to partake in tournaments, and so forth.

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However, there are still countries out there, connectivity of which leaves a lot to be desired. And when your game stutters and glitches due to connection lags, it's of little fun. Besides, some young people may have no access to the Internet due to restrictions set by their parents, etc.

And who said a good game cannot be enjoyed alone? Sometimes you just want to get away from all the socializing and have private time for yourself. Playing solo is a great meditative technique that some players use to relax and cleanse their minds. Sadly, Battle Royale can't offer it.

8.  Big Games Ditch the Genre

It's only a matter of time. Like all whims of fashion, Battle Royale will be replaced with something else sooner or later. And CoD: Modern Warfare discarding BR is an early warning that big AAA titles want to move in another direction.

At the moment, PUBG and Fortnite are too big to collapse. They will continue being the headliners of the BR genre for years. But other games will search for new ways to attract fans. Currently, the game market is oversaturated with Battle Royale. People get fed up gradually, so it'd be wiser for studios to look for the next big thing.

7. Little Nostalgic Value

Games get reboots and re-launches because they possess that catchy X-factor that makes your heart thrill whenever you hear of them. Look at the super Mario Bros. — the game was released in the second half of the 80's. And it's still highly popular due to its nostalgic element.

Games of that sort establish an emotional connection with the player. They become a part of life, bringing their own mythology, memes and heart-warming memories. Of course, PUBG and Fortnite can have these things too. But so far, there's insufficient nostalgia-worthy content in these two games. And some of it definitely has a cringe admixture (e.g., Fortnite dance).

Besides, Royale Battle monsters do very little to attract gamers of older generations. Crossovers, featuring skins, items, weaponry and decorations from the likes of Mario, Half-Life, Starcraft, Alex the Kidd and others — they could open a whole new dimension for these games. 

6. Not Deep Enough

fortnite battle royale gameplay

Although, some may find it foolish to expect an online game about bloodbath to be psychologically deep. But there is a demand for it on the market anyway. You can't survive on Doritos and frozen yogurt all the time — you also need some nutritious soul food. In the gaming industry it works the same.

Games like Halo, Dead Space, Metal Gear, and others introduced a complex, deep and epic story to their fans. There was suspense, drama, horror. Sometimes you could tell that the game was actually playing with you like in Portal 2. The emotional elements made fans connect with the game, its characters and lore.

Battle Royale titles lack it. There's really nothing behind the catchy kill-'em-all concept. No new depth to discover, nothing to be mesmerized with. Therefore, some gamers discard BR games as "disposable junk for teenagers".

5. Poor Rewarding

Again, Battle Royal experience feels superficial and elusive. The thing is, you get no plausible rewards for all the kills you made. Other games offer carefully sculpted ranking systems, like Call of Duty or World of Tanks do. Your reputation grows along with your rating. The more battles you've come through, the more respectable veteran you are.

In GTA 5 online this goes even further. Hours you spent at this game magically transform into a crime empire. Just like Al Capone or El Chapo, you can organize a gang, syndicate, cartel and make your notoriety level skyrocket. There's an incentive to keep playing the game more and more, because the earnable honors are sweet.

In the meantime, PUBG/Fortnite simply offers new skins, weapons, and vehicles. It's all good stuff, but why there is no way for an average, non-professional player to put their nickname in the chronicles of their favorite BR game?

4.  Idea Crisis

The best and greatest games have always had one thing in common: they were changing. Dynamic improvements are another super factor that keeps people intrigued and enchanted.

Battle Royale genre has not enough to offer. For example, in the latest major update for PUBG there was a tactical vehicle BRDM-2. It surely looks brutal and feels good to pilot. But that's about it. New stuff in BR titles is quite meager: a piece of map, a new gun, another grim vehicle from Russia and maybe 5 more loot boxes at a discount. And then a deadlock.

3. Limited Joy

fortnite battle royale gameplay

For most beginners, the main goal in Fortnite/PUBG is to score the victory. When you put your last opponent in the ground for the first time, you feel ecstatic and it seems there's nothing in the world that can stop you! But then the sweet fruity gum loses its flavor.

As soon as you develop solid mercenary skills, laying headshots and scoring victories turns into a normal routine. Sure, it still feels pleasant to an extent. But what's next? It looks like there's no more dragons left to slay and no leeway for further evolution.

Feelings from BR will grow bleak sooner or later. The game will set no bigger goals and won't raise the bar. And as you know, once the feel of satisfaction becomes numb, it is time to get up from the comfy gaming chair and do something else.    

2. Generic Concept

Let's be honest, Royale Battle has limited longevity. Once you grow tired of the shrinking field and trying to be the last Achilles standing, you won't switch to another BR titles. Since it will be the same bloody thing.

It may be set in the Star Wars universe, constructed in Minecraft blocky reality. It may feature brawling barbarians from Clash of Clans or glowing snakes from Slither.io devouring each other — the idea will be the same overplayed tune.

To get new impressions and experience, to enjoy a new story players will switch to something else. Think how much difference WoT and WarThunder, two seemingly identical games, have. There are radically different mechanics, unique ranking systems, controls, etc. Let alone tanks and warplanes require different strategies.

1.  Genre Newcomers are Doomed

PUBG and Fortnite are two reigning monsters in BR. Fortnite alone has 250 million players worldwide according to Statista. What does that mean? It means that new games in the genre won't get too many fans if any at all. BR players see no reason why they should switch to another game from these two titles. And so many already have failed: Rocket Royale, Respondables, etc.

That means there will be no healthy competition. PUBG and Fortnite will search for ways to outdo each other. But generally, the rivalry will be lazy. If you're guaranteed to have millions of players at any time — you won't be putting much effort in improving your game.

Is it Really the End?

So far it's too early to talk about the genre's downfall. But it is imminent. Battle Royale has little new stuff to offer, which means there will be no evolution. And as you know, the stagnant waters breed pestilence. Call of Duty developers know it too so the preferred to bail out.