5 Pokemons We Want To Go Galarian

Allison Hubbert


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On August 7, 2019 the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield game revealed the so-called Galarian form. Weezing and Zigzagoon will definitely have that form. And a bunch of older Pokémon may receive the new evolution types too. In case it will happen, we'd like to point out which 5 old-school Pokémon deserve a new transformation.

1. Kecleon

Kecleon pokemon

Kecleon is a Pokémon, whose home is Hoenn region. He's almost forgotten these days. Completely undeservingly, though. The thing is Kecleon is a natural-born spy and assassin thanks to his camouflage ability. Plus he can drive his opponent berserk by hiding and evading especially devastating attacks.

Galarian version of Kecleon could possibly become fully invisible (if you stick to the Fairy-type). And his dark incarnation might transform into a ghost that would fill the hearts of his foes with terror. Shadow lurking could be a bonus perk for unexpected surprise attacks.

2. Bisharp

Bisharp pokemon

Metally Pokémon, armed with razor-like blades, Bisharp has an awesome visual design. And a pretty ruthless fighting style. Although, we all know that this sharp Poke-guy has a tendency for unsportsmanlike conduct: he fights dirty way too often.

So, he already has the potential to be a Dark-type Pokémon with more dirty tactics and backstabbing tricks. But his Galarian version can evolve into an honorable swordsman. Thus, we'll get a brand new Steel-type Pokémon. He also may have his own signature move like Zorro, to mark every single victory of his.

3. Tauros

Tauros pokemon

The raging bull from the Pokémon world, Tauros never was the center of attention. It would be insanely cool to see him get a new chance to shine in Sword and Shield. Plus its Galarian form will be truly unstoppable. How about an Earthquake ability? Also, Galar is known for having a vast desert. Adapted Tauros could develop abilities based on the Sandstorm. Naturally, he would need a sworn Pokémon-fremenemy dressed like a toreador. 

4. Lumineon

Lumineon pokemon

This butterflyfish should not be forgotten by any means. Lumineon is exclusively a water Pokémon and its fight-power is... meh. Mediocre at best. Probably it never had a chance to become strong because Lanturn snatched all of Luminion's food — according to Pokedex and Bulbapedia these two have to compete over getting the munchies.

So what if Lumineon returns, adapts to new eco-conditions and develops new abilities? It has a good chance to become Water, Ice and Electric-type Pokémon, depending on which evolution chain you stick to. Ice, because Lumineon might as well migrate to the cold waters in search of food. And Electric, well because water is the semiconductor for electricity.

Sword and Shield game doesn't feature any Water/Ice Pokémon except for Lapras. So that means Luminous can get a good niche and also a chance to shine. No more scavenging on the ocean bottom!

5. Noctowl

Noctowl pokemon

This avian Pokémon must not be forgotten either. One of the reasons why is because it's legendary. The emperor of dark nights — as they call it — Noctowl was one of Ash's pets. Also, according to anime, Noctowl is extremely intelligent. And to top it all, it has a number of pretty effective attacks.

Being a nocturnal flying Pokémon armed with psychic abilities, Noctowl may finally reveal its potential after moving to Galar. It has 5 awesome psychic attacks. And if put together with the STAB bonus, they will turn this feathery buddy into an impressive weapon.    

Bonus Pokémon 

Machamp pokemon

Machamp would be an interesting spectacle in its Galarian form too. Just imagine that destruction machine getting a Dark type. Then Pokémon series would have their own version of Prince Goro from Mortal Kombat: scary, ruthless and unstoppable.

It is unclear, which Pokémon and how would be able to defeat him. But since he has no projectiles, air forces in the face of Flying/Dragon Pokémon could neutralize him. Psychic Pokémon, in turn, might pacify him via mind control since he doesn't look too smart to resist their Jedi-like mind tricks.

What We Know About Galarian Variants

Galarian evolution forms are possible because of the Pokémon having to adapt to the Galar's conditions. Apparently, that region's biome is radically different from the others. Thus Weezing will receive some secret extra-ability that its normal counterpart lacks. But its levitation will remain the same. And Galarian Zigzagoon will have two evolution types: Dark and Normal. His abilities will include Pickup and Gluttony.

 Pokémon Sword and Shield will premiere on November 15, 2019 on Nintendo Switch.