The 10 Best Roblox Games

Megan Bonnell


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Roblox has always been a two-level project; for gamers, it offered games with rough visuals but often great gameplay. And for developers, it gave the tools for creating the game. These two entities in one project are what made it so popular. And after Minecraft convinced the gaming community that cubic roughness is a feature, Roblox got promoted on that wave.

Of course, not all games are equally good. Many of them are just first tries for their creators, abandoned by them but still available. On the other hand, there are real gems, and the unified account lets you easily explore most of them.

If you are on Roblox already, it makes no sense to go for one or two games only. New ones are available under the same account, and Roblox preserves your avatar, your Robux, and even most controls. While spending your time on rubbish is never wise, good games on Roblox are easier to comprehend than equally good games outside. So here are the ten best Roblox games that its users appreciate the most.

Those Who Remain

Those Who Remain game screenshot

The name itself completely fits the zombie apocalypse stylistics, and that’s true with TWR (heh, almost like TWD). It’s a 3D FPS set in the world taken over by zombies, and the player has to do anything they do in such situations. Zombies are ubiquitous, they approach from behind, make no noise, die again easily, and kill easily if you’re not careful.

The game is developed by Peak, and it has something in it that makes you remain in this world, just like the name suggests. Though its visuals and controls are quite typical for Roblox, Those Who Remain offers some magic of being unexpected, always having something to surprise you.

Water Park World

Water Park World game screenshot

On the contrary, Water Park World is a completely peaceful game, something of Tycoon series, offering you to run your own water park with rides and beaches, kiosks and cafes, and even stalls for those who like it on the back. You need to expand your territory, fill it with objects for profit, hire staff for handling it, and do all the things you might remember from Tycoon series.

This sort of games has always been about strategy rather than visuals, so no wonder it feels good enough on Roblox platform. The developers plan to add lots of features, from simple rebalancing to adding gamepad support, but what matters is that it will remain free to play.

Project Lazarus Zombies

Project Lazarus Zombies game screenshot

Oh, it’s a zombie story again, with clear references to Call of Duty: Zombies. The developer doesn’t even conceal its influence, so you’ll find many familiar elements in the gameplay as well as in the aesthetics. The living dead come in waves, and you need to stand them off, with barricades you build and lots of weapon you use on them.

The diversity of weapons in your weaponry is impressive, and the zombies themselves look anything but dull. So there is a reason for another zombie shooter on the Roblox top list. Mind that the game is still available as Alpha, not even Beta (no reference to TWD characters, again). But hardly there will be principal changes after the release; it will probably just run smoother.

Broken Bones IV

Broken Bones IV game screenshot

That’s exactly what it says on the tin: the game is about breaking the bones of your character. Sarah Connor once said there are 215 bones in the human body; she was wrong about that (there are 206), and she was so gentle only to break one. This game also has some problems with arithmetic: it’s called Broken Bones IV, while it’s the fifth installment. But it seems that the content matters much more than the numeration.

Make your character fall down from the mountain or damage any other way and try to break as many bones as you can! It’s quite an unusual setting, with much space for speculations from politicians, but it’s still fun. In addition, it’s one of the best-looking games here.

Heroes Online

Heroes Online game screenshot

A Roblox game? With such a common name? Suddenly, it is so/ The game is based on My Hero Academia, and it goes even further in building a traditional anime-styled RPG with Roblox SDK. It’s too heavily stuffed with grinding, so you need to either pay or spend much time in the monotonous process to advance fast. But it’s just a little stain on the otherwise great game. So far it’s already in its fourth season, but don’t feel embarrassed if you have skipped the first three. Join now, with a brief but informative tutorial in the beginning.

Another reason to play it is curiosity. Roblox has its own visual manner; how does it get anime-styled? In fact, the game does. And this experience alone is worth those 25 Robux for early access.

Restaurant Tycoon 2 

Restaurant Tycoon 2

Surprise! It’s a Tycoon game again, and it’s very much similar to Water Park Tycoon mentioned earlier. So it happens that strategy games are easy to make on the Roblox platform, and they become really attractive. They are not so much about individual visuals, but the developer did the best to make the game tasty. So you can run your restaurant business on Roblox as well as that of water parks.

As for mechanics, the game is similar to other economy simulators. There are hints throughout the early stage to help you figure it out. Still, if you are familiar with any of the games of this sort, you won’t even need it.

Bee Swarm Simulator

Bee Swarm Simulator game screenshot

This is one of the most unusual (and the best rated) games on Roblox. You are playing a bear that controls the bee swarm, in order for bees to get more honey. So you need to plan how birds multiply, how they find flowers to get honey from. There are so many details to master that the game will get you hooked for long. It’s not imitating the actual swarm; it’s rather a fantasy games, using the bears and the bees as just an initial setting to build its own universe upon.

Maybe not as sweet as actual honey, it’s very neatly drawn, and the world of Bee Swarm Simulator is not like anything we mentioned earlier. Its developers constantly add new features, creating a long series. So it’s fun to watch the game develop as much as to play it.

Welcome To Bloxberg

Welcome To Bloxberg game screenshot

Any gaming platform should have its own Second Life or The Sims. On Roblox. This mission is done by Welcome to Bloxberg. This virtual city is the place to be for your avatar that you set off to the life you rule completely (as long as you have enough Robux to provide anything).

These simulators are more than just fun. They work perfectly when you need to look at yourself from a third person view, or, on the contrary, try visualizing the life of your dreams. On Roblox it may look less polished than on standalone engines, but the gameplay is just as immersive. Find an occupation you want, make an appearance to turn heads, build a house like a castle, and live the life you want to live. This will set your dreams free.

Texting Simulator

Texting Simulator game screenshot

When you are limited in visuals (like most developers on Roblox), you better invent a game that might as well have no visuals at all. Or at least something that doesn’t rely on looks. Texting Simulator is something strange and nostalgic at the same time. Characters walking around with big 2000s’ feature phones, all into texting, are living in the text-obsessed world. There are emoji stores, bonuses, and lots of nostalgic jokes.

Well, there is just a clicker game behind all that standup festival, and the content of the text doesn’t matter at all. If you expected a sort of interactive epistolary novel, either romantic or detective, you’ll be disappointed. But if you like the sound of tapping hardware buttons on those old Motos and Nokias, you’ll be enchanted.

Vesteria Beta

Vesteria Roblox game screenshot

It’s not sure whether the creators of Roblox ever though games like this could be made on the platform. But here comes Vesteria, the most popular Roblox-based RPG that makes the best out of its visual abilities, plus provides interesting gameplay with various skills and abilities, quests and storylines, upgrades and rewards.

It may seem strange that the first quest you might get is about collecting mushroom spores (and fighting the walking mushrooms as well), but it’s just the beginning of the long bizarre story. Vesteria is not about realism; it’s a fantasy RPG where you need to take miracles for granted. Its world is open, so it’s you who writes your character’s story.

Yo, Roblox!

So, here come the top 10 games on Roblox in October 2019. This top may change, as new projects constantly emerge, and more and more players try being developers. If gaming platforms were musical genres, Roblox would have been hip-hop: easy to enter, hard to make a masterpiece, specific style, lots of haters and lots of fans. And it’s the primordial soup where new talents shape, with effects like the games you have just read about.