The Elder Scrolls Online DLC Details Revealed

Megan Bonnell


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ZeniMax announced the second 2020 module of The Elder Scrolls Online and details about the entire season. Developer says that the new Dark Heart of Skyrim will come in 4 chapters. The first, The Elder Scrolls Online: Harrowstorm, is already available for public testing. The second, Greymoor, is to come in Q2 2020.

Nearly Infinite Experience

While the Harrowstorm is already around, the next module, Greymoor, is still 3 months away. The company says that it will be “one of The Elder Scrolls’ darkest stories.” It will bring you to the new lands of Western Skyrim that includes tundra and snowy peaks. The total duration of the event will be hundreds of hours. For a more serious experience, you can preorder the collector’s edition that includes Graymoor Map, 4 coins, a steelbook, and a statue.

Get Prepared

The Dark Heart of Skyrim update will require you to install the renovated game client and delete the old one. The process will take a while, but the new version guarantees up to 30GB saved storage space due to smaller patches and footprint. Are you ready to jump into the new event? Share the news with other Skyrim fans you know and join in together!